Tearing Off the Mask

Moving from a life of shame to a life of walking in freedom with Jesus Christ.

Sometimes You’re the Bubble, and Sometimes…You’re the Bubble July 9, 2011

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I had my nieces overnight this week, and we made these large bubble wands.  It was a lot of fun to make these enormous bubbles and watch them pop.  It didn’t matter how long we did it…it was exciting with every bubble.  We hoped that it would last longer than the previous bubble, and that the breeze would carry the bubble, in tact, far off into the sky. 

I’m a bubble.  I am in a cycle of insanity…for those of you who don’t know the definition to insanity, it’s doing the same thing over and over again–expecting different results.  I get my hopes up for staying inflated for longer periods of time, but life happens and pops me…spilling me vulnerably out of my thin shell. 

What’s the answer?  I already have Jesus.  Why hasn’t that just “fixed” everything?  What’s going to make this life better?  Oh, I know how Paul felt when he longed for heaven.  I want my Lord to return today…to end this pain and heartache and to rescue us into His arms.  The wait is baffling to me, as I do not understand what He is waiting for.  Maybe tomorrow.  Maybe tomorrow will be the day.  For now, I will continue on…and hope.


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